Lasting Impressions  Design Inc.

functional beauty through interior design


Why is it nothing feels so good as an enthusiastic compliment on your home? Could it be that it's nothing less than a compliment to our very selves. After all, our home and our personal spaces reflect how we live and ultimately who we are! We all desire to express our individuality, but often times don't know how to go about it.

It is through the process of design that we have the ability to do just that- express who we are! GOOD DESIGN is more than decorating, and is not a pre-determined package. It’s a highly personal way of looking at your environment as it relates to your everyday life. 

Design encompasses every space you pass through, be it board room, bedroom or garden. And yet, somehow, it all needs to connect and flow to reflect the whole of your life. A professional interior designer is truly your ultimate resource for VISION, INSPIRATION, AND NAVIGATION through the entire scope of the design process.

At LID, we understand that the concepts of design offer endless possibilities. The challenge is pairing down all of those possibilities to a clear, focused expression of you. We embrace the challenge and use our resources of education and experience to help you bring to life the beautiful, functional surroundings you desire.