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Destination Design   design sucesss for the do-it-yourselfer

Taking a trip is an exciting adventure that requires two specific things: A destination and a good travel plan. The first is by far the easier of the two to decide on, but for the second, you must ask yourself an array of questions and be armed with detailed information to make it happen. Decisions need to be made ahead of time to ensure that you arrive at your destination in one piece.

Well, guess what? The process of interior design is an adventure, too! And the trip can be pretty bumpy if you don't have a clear idea of where you're going and a good roadmap to get you there. So to help you arrive safe and sound, we offer Destination Design, a service that is made for those of you who enjoy the process as much as arriving at your destination. 

1schedule your consultation. This is the information gathering phase where a designer will come to your home or business. We'll take measurements, notes and pictures. 

2 Meet for your presentation. This is the fun part! We will come back to you with a full color, professional design board, giving you the first glimpse of your newly designed space. It's an inspiring collage of sketches, colors, fabrics and furnishings that communicate the design concepts for your space.

3 Purchase your Destination Design Handbook. The handbook is charged at $10 per square foot for your designed space. Minimum handbook fee of $1200. Price is subject to change.

The Handbook is a fully detailed binder of INFORMATION, INSPIRATION & RESOURCES to keep you on the right track as you tackle your design project. It will include:

  • Floor plan
  • Paint Selection
  • Architectural Detail Recommendations
  • Lighting Recommendations
  • Flooring Recommendations
  • Furnishings Selections
  • Window Treatment Design/ Recommendations
  • Fabric/ Upholstery Selection
  • Accessories Selection
  • Chronological To-Do List
  • Sketches of proposed space