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Interior Design Services    It's simple. Love your home.

Where to begin? First of all it’s good to remind ourselves that design is a process. It takes thought and planning, creativity and instinct, and sometimes just good ‘ol patience. When the process is completed, you can sit back and know that your designed space is an expression of you – a space that will comfort, inspire and satisfy down to the soul.

That said, your newly designed space doesn’t necessarily mean tearing down walls and starting from scratch. It might mean a re-design: Using your existing furnishings in a fresh layout with a new color on the walls and a few new accessories. This easy and cost effective approach can be exciting and satisfying. LID can help you accomplish that!

But then there are times when the walls DO need to come down and the sky’s the limit! Now we’re talking serious design, and the word process is your mantra. The expertise of the LID team becomes invaluable for this kind of project. By utilizing our resources and experience we will help you save time, money and stress. What could be better?

Not sure what your looking for? The following is a list of the services we provide:

Select any one of our A La Carte menu of services including paint selection and accessorizing.

Do you enjoy home improvement projects, but lack the confidence or vision to see it through? DIY is for you!

The exterior of your home is just as valuable as the interior. We provide design services to help you carve out that beautiful outdoor room.

Running out of time and energy? Our full service design option gives you the ability to watch your space come to life, while we do all of the planning, ordering, and installing!

Tired of veneers, MDF, and "some assembly required?" Us too. That is why we offer a custom furnishings... 

With seasonal designs, you get the chance to tweak your interiors, (and exteriors), and enjoy the novelties of the season.