Re-Design       recycle, re-use, renew

Do you ever get tired of th

same'ol layout and furnishings?

Sometimes all that is needed is a room re-design!

The goal in re-design is to use your existing furniture and accessories; giving them new life again. Many times when you take a few things from other rooms, and put them in a new location, your room feels brand new! 

Here's how it works: 

1Call to set up an appointment 

2 Make the design team aware of all available furnishings, (from other rooms as      well), that could be used in the re-designed space

3 Trust your design team, and plan for an approximate three hour window for your  room make-over

4 Enjoy the reveal! Plan a dinner party or gathering to help you celebrate your new  room


For pricing on a room re-design in your home, contact us. Prices vary based on the size and type of room. Most rooms start at $350.