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Interior Decor

Tired of the same 'ol-same 'ol? Looking for that seasonal touch? Decorating seasonally gives you the opportunity to freshen up your homes decor, adding excitement and anticipation. Often times we are told by our clients that they are tired of their interiors in just a few years. They long for small changes and updates. With seasonal designs, you get the chance to tweak your interiors, (and exteriors), and enjoy the novelties of the season.

I know it takes time to change things around; and effort to go out and find just the right accessories. That's why we are here to help! We can help design your home with seasonal changes, giving you confidence, and proud home ownership. It's often times the small details that make the difference!


Christmas & Holiday Decor

The Christmas Season can be a very busy time for many. Often, people will skip the tree and the trimmings for lack of time. Others don't necessarily enjoy decorating. The answer? We provide Christmas decorating services, from tree trimming to whole house decor. We even provide services to take it all down and pack it away come January. Phew! What can be easier?!



Exterior Decor

Your front door is your oportunity to make a first impression to your visitors. One of the easiest seasonal ways to add personality and warmth to it, is through plantings in decorative containers. Most people have their summer pots filled with showy bright blooms, but come fall and winter they sit bare. 

We can keep your front door a welcomed entry point each season; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Christmas. By changing the plantings and designs accordingly.